This is Gremly, my first Blue/Red I got
from Alan Stanford.  He is a very calm
boy and all the girls love him, including
me!  I have a couple of his sons that
look almost just like him.
This is Romeo, son of Jumanji.  Kristy
named him and was actually supposed
to take him home with her, but she
waited too long!  I can't part with him.  
He truly is a Romeo!
(sorry Kristy!!!)
You should see him now!  Check back
for more pictures...He won AOCCL at
the Florida State Fair in Tampa in 2005
I use a green marker on a light part of
the body to distinguish who their
parents are.  It's not dirt!
Ahh, the beautiful Wilhelmina.
Here is the newest batch of Araucana Bantam
chicks.  Gorgeous Blue, Silver or Golden
Duckwing and White and Black.  If you think
they are beautiful now, wait until they reach
about 4 months old.  All their brilliant colors
are almost in full bloom then.  Stunning!
The above are someone elses boys.  Just to show
you the magnificent colors of the breed.
These spoiled babies were sent back to me from
Bonnie Stackhouse after a fox got my beautiful
Silver Duckwing girls.  I thought I was immune.  The
varmint found a weak link.   You can't be too careful.
Thanks so much, Bonnie!!