In 2012 I sold all my Jersey Giants to downsize... Missed my big birds in the yard and now have embarked on the experience of Imported English
Orpingtons in a few colors!  I heard they were big and beautiful!!  I owned 2 hatchery Orpingtons when I first got into chickens.  The Pie Sisters!  Cutie
Pie and Sweetie Pie.  They are my inspiration for the best!!  My friend, Julie, who raises the best Blue/Black/Splash told me about Irene of "Renie's
Peeps" and I took of from there.  Since then, Thor has won RV in one show as a cockerel with Loki 2nd to him... The following show, Thor won Ch Large Fowl
all grown up!!
My first Buffs came from Renie's Peeps.  There are some great pictures of her birds on facebook.  Her
imported came from
Marc Sacre of Heirloom.  She also had some gorgeous BIG USA bred Buffs and
thought I might like some Am/Eng mix girls.  I am SO grateful!!!   They are BIG and beautiful!!!  
Sal named this one Scrabble because he
couldn't remember what kind of chicken he was.
Jujubee with Lady Marmalade, GuichieGuichie and Moulin Rouge.  Sadly I have downsized and only have Buff, Red, Cuckoo and Crele now...
Heirloom has Jujubee and all 9 of his girls... They have much more space to play.  :)  ... I also sold my Lemon Cuckoo, but am making bigger ones!!
Eggs and chicks available
to order in
Buff, Crele &
Chocolate Cuckoo
$80 for a dozen eggs
(shipping included)
2-3 week old chicks are
$30 each straight run.
Started 2 mo old chicks
are $30 for boys and $60
for girls.
Sometimes I have specials
on extras.
A wonderful early
Christmas present all
the way from my
Silkie friend in
France... Oh! and my
husband made this
pie for Thanksgiving
.. yum :)
Thor above and Loki below as cockerels.
Thor won Champion Large Fowl at the
Central Florida Poultry Breeders show 2014
A son of Loki just won SUPER GRAND CHAMPION OF SHOW at the Orange
Blossom Classic, owned and shown by Tori Scott!  Congratulations!!!