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Nemo crowing - RV
This Blue Jersey Giant hen got Best of Variety.
I had to buy a Black brother of the guy that
beat her! :)
Rosanna Rosannadanna-BV
These particular birds are my buddies and not for sale.
Silkies are the
I think everyone
should have a
If anyone wants a rooster, I can sell a hen or two with him.  I normally don't sell any hens by themselves until all of my extra roosters are sold. No lonely boys around here!
The chickens below are some of the ones I showed at the Indiana show in 2006.

what you are ordering.... chicks,
started age, color, eggs... Thanks!!!
I love to hatch them!!!
April, BV Lake City '06... Merlin's Mom
Check out his
wings, small
comb, broad
chest and
dance moves!
Sold to Kathy
Myers- Won
Best in Show
under Judge
Kutch at the
Farminton show
Gold Coast Classic 2007 -
White Silkies: four 1sts, two 2nds, RV, BV, Reserve CH Featherleg, CHAMPION Featherleg and
Lake City - Sunshine Classic 2008 - I was disappointed as 3 of my outstanding boys were beat by my pretty girls who weren't worthy.  "Girls
rule!" was not the answer I was looking for, but I have learned to respect the judges opinion.  Lots of times, girls are the winners whether
they deserve to be or not... I SO love my boys.... so I only judge my boys against the other boys.... and remember it's supposed to be fun!!  
Below is the first Cheese baby, Daffodil
These are Cheese and Iceman babies
Sold 4/2009 to
Cindy Peterson
Captain Underpants
Gilda Goodwin
To the left and below are some 4 and 5
mo olds in the Juvie coop.