Please email for more information.  I don't always update my web site!  Thanks!
Nemo crowing - RV
Rosanna Rosannadanna-BV
Silkies are the
I think everyone
should have a
If anyone wants a rooster, I
can sell a hen with him.  I
normally don't sell any hens
by themselves until all of my
extra roosters are sold. No
lonely boys around here!
If I have extra boys... some
times I have a buy one, get
one free special.
When ordering, please specify chicks, started, age, color, eggs, breed... Thanks!!! I love to hatch them!!!
April, BV Lake City '06
Check out his wings, small comb, broad
chest and dance moves! LOL!
Sold to Kathy Myers- Won Best in Show
under Judge Kutch at the Farminton show
Gold Coast Classic 2007 -
White Silkies: four 1sts, two 2nds, RV, BV,
Reserve CH Featherleg,
CHAMPION Featherleg and
Captain Underpants
Gilda Goodwin
Some 4 and 5 mo olds in the Juvie coops.
Please see the middle of my
contact page for
prices and shipping information.
This page is updated as of
The pictures below and to the right are examples of my Silkies.  These particular birds are not the ones listed
for sale.  I will try my best to have pictures of the for sale birds placed above.  
SILKIES unless it
says Orpingtons

I sell boys, buy
one, get one free
right now.... and
pairs.  Sorry, no
lone girls til the
boys are sold.  
Can't have any
lonely boys
around here :)
Another due the 7th.. so cute!!! I will
try to catch up on emails and get
some pictures soon. :)

And a batch put in August 1st
Pets are ones with a missing or extra toe and are free with a nice one.
I have extra 3 or 4 mo old White and Partridge boys... on sale! 3 mo olds are a guessed boy

April 7th hatch:
2 partridge boys
2 partridge girls
3 White boys

May 5th hatch:
4 Partridge boys .. 3 girls
1 White boy
1 Black boy
pet Black boy

May 27th hatch:
5 White boys (1 girl)
2 Black boys (2 Black or Blue girls)
11 Partridge and Blue/partridge boys (8 girls)(1 pet girl)
2 Partridge Naked neck boys (2 girls)
2 Buff boys (
2 girls)
Crele Orpingtons
2 boys, 1 girl
Buff Orpingtons
1 pair
1 cockerel

June 15&23 hatch:
2 Black
1 Blue
3 naked neck partridge
1 partridge
1 pet partridge with 4 toes on one foot
1 cuckoo
12 white
2 pet white

July 6th hatch: coop 15
14 Partridge
2 pet partridge
Partridge naked necks
1 Red naked neck
24 white

July 26th hatch:
14 Partridge
8 White
2 pet white

Aug 7th hatch:
l10 Partridge
1 pet partridge
2 Buff
1 Porcelain
2 white
1 pet splash
2 Black
1 pet black

3 Buff
Orpingtons 8/7
Red or Red cuckoo
Orpington 8/7
Orpington 8/7
3 Buff
Orpingtons 8/21
Red or Red cuckoo
Orpington 8/21
2 Crele
Orpingtons 8/21
3 Red or Red cuckoo
Orpingtons 9/8/15
1 Crele
Orpington 9/8/15

Aug 21st hatch:
12 White
1 pet white
2 Porcelain
5 Partridge
1 partridge naked neck
6 Buff
I'll try to post some videos soon.  There are several on my Bobbi Porto Facebook
Prices are in the middle of my CONTACT page on in the reading... plus more about

You can see videos on if you search Bobbi Porto

As soon as I get a couple days in a row where the high temps are less than 85
degrees, here at 8pm, where you are and in Memphis... unless you are a known
overnight delivery and your weather is fine. Send me your zipcode for shipping cost
to .. or pick up is available near Tampa, FL.  
I apologize if there is a delay in getting back to you.  We have a lot of animals to
take care of.

Discounts available... I do have extra White and Partridge boys. Buy one boy, get
one White or Partridge boy free while supplies last :)  Also company for your other
boy during shipping if you just need a boy.

I have hatched a lot this year to help with bills. I hope it doesn't backfire on me!!
LOL and I end up spending a ton on feed. Never has before.
If you want something besides what is on this list, let me know. I just may have it.  My
coops are hard to count.... :)

If you are a low  income 4h leader and don't mind boys, we can work a great deal!!

Have a blessed day!
Sept 8th:
3 Blue
2 Splash
5 Partridge
4 Buff
5 White
3 Porcelain

Sept 21st , 22nd, 23rd
ongoing hatch :)
I will update my site 9/22/15 after todays
shipping. ... and new hatch :)
March 26th
Cuckoo Orpington split to chocolate