This year started off challenging, having to deal with the loss of my Mom.
Her beautiful smile will be with me always. As well as my Dad's. Here is the
tribute we made for her in pictures... She and my Dad had an amazing
life.  They met at Auburn University and both became beloved teachers.
June and Bob Seibert
My Dad passed in 1988.  There is comfort knowing they are
together again.  There are a lot of cool old pictures in the link
above.  It goes to a youtube tribute.  My Mom and Dad were my best
friends growing up.  I could always count on them for anything...
Especially a smile.  Dad coached and lettered in basketball... He got
a football scholarship to Oklahoma where my sister was born... Mom
taught 1st and second grade and retired after 43 years teaching.
Woody looking at Bunnie (Sal's
horse) and she's looking back.
Apollo trying to fly
Woody -
Grandson of Pyro
Notorious at 8
months..Look at those
baby spurs and turkey
size leg band. :)
Baby Porcelain and Apollo
I had no idea I was being
watched by my horse.
Apollo stealing the show today
I took most of these pictures March 28th ..
Owned by
Marie now
at 7 mo.
Living in the Chicken
Waldorf in Miami
With Val
with Birds & Eggs what they hatched :)
Rowdy on
showing off
Eric's daughter
holding her new
Splash boy!!  He
looks well cared
for   :)
Newly hatched
Peeps with Emmah
Kayla and her rooster, Angel have a pretty
special bond.  "He has SO much personality!"
Bobbi we like to say
Thank You first and let
you know Cody won
first place in rooster
and grand champion
over all in poultry with
Black Jack. The black
jersey we got from you
last year.

Thank you
Scott & Debbie
Great Job Cody!!
Thanks for taking
such great care of
Black Jack!!
Lots going on around here!  See my
English Cockers on my
(and RapscallionToo)