Foghorn was my first Blue Jersey Giant and one of my best friends.  He
passed away, and I'd give a ton of money to have him again.
This heritage breed with it's Blue color developed by Golda Miller is one of
my favorites.  They are gentle Giants and are intelligent.  Foghorn would
never even think of spurring anyone.  However, if any of his hens squawk
he will take off at a flat run announcing the whole time that he is on his
way!!!  On occasion, he would fall over those big feet of his.  It wouldn't deter
him from his rounds though!  He also danced around you if you were
holding one of his hens.  I miss him running to greet me with the goats
when I got home from work.  He was as big as they were back then.
This is one of my cockerels I raised from Richard Schock lines.  
He is winning CHAMPION AMERICAN at the Gold Coast
Classic at 6 months of age!  He was in the Poultry Press that
winter.  My main stock is from Richard.  I bought show quality
Jersey Giant hens before he stopped breeding them.
I also have direct descendants to Golda Miller's flock.
Mooster is just over
a year old here.  He
has a beautiful
Blue color.
I started with one nicely
colored Blue rooster I
got from Maria Hall in
2002...Foghorn.  (his
first crow sounded like a
fog horn)  He has
excellent color and has
passed it on to his
grandchicks.  My Blacks
have passed on their
dark eyes as well as
their size.
Below is Ronnie
Profitt's winning
rooster. Black
rooster.  Ronnie is
not too imaginative
with names! :)  Black
is a sweetheart.  I
have gotten some
nice pullets from him.
The relaxed 6 mo old Blue boy in the back is the fellow I kept
for my show Blue show rooster a while back.  He produces
big dark eye'd Splash and Blue babies with my Show
stopping Splash hens. I sold too many roosters and a very
grateful man in New Jersey owns him now.  He reported the
kids carried him around all over the place and just love him.
He was over 10 pounds at 6 months of age, here! He is Mack.  
The Black roosters I kept for that year have already both won
was a chick I gave to Ronnie for using his rooster.  He won
the class and is coming home.  Another boy I raised out of
Ronnie's rooster won BEST IN SHOW at the Florida State Fair
and one of my boys got up front at the Strawberry Festival.  
Ronnie's hens won Ch American in Lake City Eastern
Nationals.  (That was Grandma)  
I have a Mack son and Grandson now; Mac and Ghost.
This is still one of my favorite pictures of my
little Splash rooster at about 8 weeks.
Jersey Giants