Happy Chicken owners!
Bobbi Porto Silkies and Araucana Bantams
laying there, having read our
stories, and talking about the day.  
made her happy and what made her
"Mommy, I was not sad at all today,
was my favorite day today."  That's
Caiti for my favorite part of the day.  
"cock-a-doodle-doo" to her. (3 or 4
times while she was holding him)  I
asked her what color the chicken
was.  Her reply was priceless.  "Well,
Mommy," she said. "He was not
purple!"  I laughed and said, "You
are right."  Then she said, "He
wasn't blue either."  I couldn't keep
from grinning.  "Do you think
perhaps he was orange?"  I asked.  
"No." she said with definiteness only
"He was Tomater. And I love him."