4/2012 - Look what we brought
home with us Easter Sunday!!!!
Her name is "Ridgebury Ruffian" with a call name of "Ruffie"
Ruffie is such a fun pup!  She learned to "do the bear" (stand on her back feet) and "talk to
me" (bark or growl) in just a few days.
Her Dad is Buzzy "Ridgebury Sargeant FuzBuz" and her Mom is Trudy "Ridgebury First Tri"
She is showing promise of an agility dog like Sassy, so we want to work with both of them at
that.  Now she also does a "high 5"
"Ridgebury My Romance"   call name "Chloe"
Ruffie just had to have a puppy
buddy, and when we heard Rick
and Penny had yet another litter
coming up... well... Here is our
pick! at 8 weeks.
"My Romance" is one of my Mom's favorite songs
and she just looks like a "Chloe" to us.  I can't wait
to get her into the show ring... if I can get her away
from Sal. :)  Her Dad is "Ridgebury Orange Crush"
and her Mom is "Ridgebury Romancing the Roan".
A bit of eye candy!  Here are a few of Ruffie's and Chloe's litter mates....
Chloe at 6 weeks

Above and left are
Chloe litter mates at
8 weeks... The Black
and White one is a
To the right is
Penny's pick at 6
When we first met
NEWS FLASH:  We bred Sass to Penny's Monty
and 2 Orange girls and 2 Black & White boys
were born on Oct 15th!!  See button to the left :)
Can you tell I'm pleased as pie to have won a 3 point major and Best of Winners at my first show in 4
years and Chloe's
first show ever!!   I never thought I'd show again, but with Penny McKay's help we
got her groomed and me motivated.  What a confidence booster to win on our first time out!!   7 months
old and in Brooksville, FL November 2012
Chloe in Ocala Jan 2013
This is one of Ruffie's sisters at 9 weeks :)
In January of 2013, we got another major!! & Best of
Opposite!!  Click the link below to see the video of her win!!
Chloe at 8 weeks
Po and Pumpkin Pie at 8 weeks