Gremly and INDIGO, the first solid Blue girl.  I
don't raise Araucana bantams anymore, but
miss them!!!
INDIGO EGG (owned by Sal & Bobbi Porto) came about in 2004 when my friend, Kristy
and I started raising chickens together.   My first Silkies were given to me in 2001, which is
when I decided to buy the kinds I always wanted.  My first pursuit was to feed them
organically so we would be healthier.  I showed my first bearded Buff-laced Polish at the
Florida State Fair in 2002 and won CH and Reserve CH in the Continental class.  After
hatching those cute chicks I was hooked!  Who knew chickens could be so cool!!!
Araucana Bantams were my next persuit... the true kind that laid the sky blue eggs.  I
ordered them from Alan of and 3 White and one Blue
Partridge Silkie came with 17 Araucanas of all colors.  What fun I had with those!!
Then Alan Stanford shipped some of his flock of show quality Silkies (35 White and 60
Blue, Black & Splash) down to Florida to live with me and mine until he could find another
flock tender.  They were absolutely gorgeous and I was happy to raise chicks from Alan's
lines too.  I had so many of my own, I helped Alan find another person to take over his
flock.  I have learned LOTS from Alan and his daughter, Alice and he still visits from time to
time and we go over every bird!  George Mihalik, a Silkie judge and breeder, visited each
other in 2008.  We went over 300 Silkies!!  I took notes on every one!!   Shorty Polston
came with Alan Stanford in 2011 and we went over 500 Silkies here for 6 hours...   Shorty
looked at me wearily and said he would never criticize another judge. LOL :)
Supper tasted real good that evening!!!!  Love my Silkie chicken friends!!!!

We hope you love our chickens as much as we do.  
They are all our pets and all have names.
Along the way we have acquired our favorite lines of chickens.
I now only specialize in two breeds:
SILKIES!!!!  White, Black, Blue, Splash, Buff, Partridge, Red
and Buff, Red & Partridge Naked Necks LOL
Next year Porcelain (BlueCream) & Cuckoo again
and ORPINGTONS!!!! in Crele and Chocoate Cuckoo.
Araucana Bantams, Jersey Giants and Bearded Buff-laced Polish - Sorry to say "No more"
I have a couple pet fainting goats, Quarter Horse mares and English Cockers too...
The goats are a scream and help us mow.  
See cute videos on Bobbi Porto videos and links at the top of my Ranch
& Rapscallion pages.
Prices and info
located at the
Poultry Available
page and on my
Some of our youngsters have been practicing to be Ninja
Chickens.The little Partridge (top right) got high honors. :)
Jodie is at it with the camera again! :)
Lavender chick that someone
hatched from my birds.
Black Gangsta girl
Am Silkie Club
This is Wilhelmina and Gremly
The grace of God will protect you.
Ridgebury Ruffian  Click here to see
Rapscallion English Cocker pups
If you have a heart that needs healed
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Cute cuckoo girl that went home with Bree :)
Cherry Bomb-Ch NSV Red
Cream Puff-champion NSV  Porcelain and Blue Cream
Matilda and Rebel