Here are our Silkies.  Tarzan is a Blue Partridge rooster.  He got his name from his crow!  
Although we've only shown him once for a RV at the Lake City National in 2004 as a Blue, he has
produced beautiful girls of every color that we have.  We thank Alan Stanford and his friend
for including him and a few others in the Araucana order!
Yeti and Abbi are new additions from KD Silkies.  The Werners were kind enough to save us a
few of their best!  
Seth and Boggs are our Black roosters.  They have loads of personality and pizazz!  We have
some beautiful girls in Black and Splash with them right now.  Check back for pictures of the
new babies growing up with attitude.
Our Silkies come in:
White, Black, Blue, Splash, Gray (Silver or Blue Partridge?), Partridge and Buff.
We are looking forward to showing them off at the shows this year!
This is Seth.  Diane Werner took this picture just before he came to live with
us.  She said it was getting dark outside.  Seth has the most dance steps of
any rooster I have.  He's comical to watch!
Here's another picture of Sadie.
Diane Werner took this picture too.
Boggs is just about the sweetest Black Silkie rooster
around.  He's always interested in what's going on.
As you can see our mower was broken for a while.  Either
that or we were busy taking care of new chickens that month!
Isn't this baby just adorable!
This is one of the cuties out of the first
batch of Yeti & Sugar eggs.  He's a day & a
half old.  He has a nice vault and toes.  
Check out the first two chicks of the year at 2 days old!!!!!
They have big feet and cute toes!
I believe we have a Partridge and a Silver.
Here is Sugar, Spice, Poppy & Ginger in the back.  These
lovely ladies of mine are very young here, but have now
started laying eggs.
These are pictures of one of Kristy's Buff Silkie girls, her Buff rooster and a Partridge girl.  She has
great plans for them!
These are some White chicks I sent to Cindy Wagner.  I'd say we did some good
deals here!  Silkie chicks are really hard to resist!
These are my very first Buff Silkie Chicks.  I got 9 of them from Cindy Wagner of
Lakeside Silkies.  Salvatore, my husband, named his favorite one Ahnold
because he's Buff!!!!