Meet INDIGO, the first solid Blue girl Bobbi raised from her Alan Stanford Red Breasted Blue,
Gremly and her Tom Carey Black, Raven.  She has a twin sister named Dorey.  Look for
them at the shows!
INDIGO EGG came about in 2004 when Bobbi Seibert and Kristy Varga
decided they had the same ideas in raising quality chickens... and they lived
close to each other.

Bobbi was first given a few chickens in 2001 and decided to buy the kinds
she always wanted.  Her first persuit was to feed them organically so her
family would be healthier.  She then showed her first bearded Buff-laced
Polish at the Florida State Fair in 2002 and won Best and Reserve in the
Continental class.  after hatching those cute chicks She was hooked!  who
knew chickens could be so cool!!!

Kristy studied poultry science just out of high school. She had chickens for
eggs also.  She first purchased chickens from Bobbi in 2003 and 2004 when
Bobbi invited her to show at the Florida State Fair.  Her white Ameraucana
won best of breed!  After bobbi got her to help hatch some of her eggs, she
started hatching her own and she was hooked!
thus... indigo egg!

We hope you love our chickens as much as we do.  They are our pets and all have names.
Along the way we have acquired many types of chickens.

Bobbi raises:                                                     Kristy raises:
Blue/Black/Splash Jersey Giants                       Blue/Black/Splash Jersey Giants                          
Bearded Buff-laced Polish                                 Beared Silver-laced & Buff-laced Polish           
Silkies                                                                Silkies
Araucana Bantams                                            Araucana
Bantams                                                                                                                          Ameraucana Standards & Bantams
Gold Spangled Hamburgs
Miracle winning Champion in Continental Class
Foghorn, our first Blue Jersey Giant rooster and two hens.
Bobbi's first web page for more pictures
Meet Sadie.  We just got her from the
Werners.  She hasn't started laying eggs yet,
but is getting along great with Boggs.
This is one of our White Silkie roosters
pictured at 4 months old.  Great
feathering!!  He has filled out handsomely